Kinemantra Meditation is different to other meditation techniques which use mantras because it uses an individual Mantra, the Kinemantra. This technique asks the body for the Kinemantra on the basis of the MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest). The individual Kinemantra makes the meditation particularly easily and effortless. For the query of an individual Kinemantra, an authorized KM-teacher with the necessary MPM-knowledge is required.

Those who like to meditate with any kind of Mantra, instead of using an individual Kinemantra, will find information, help and instructions on the following sites.

It is an individual’s decision whether: "I would like to learn meditation as an autodidact, only with written help and instructions, or would I like to use the professional instructions of an authorized meditation teacher, who can answer my questions and will check my meditation as long as I wish?