During his extensive travels in Africa, Asia, America and Europe between 1976 to 1990, Eckhard Block studied different meditation techniques. In studying modern diagnostic methods, Eckhard Block presumed that with the help of a psycho-somatic muscle test, synchronized in particular with Mantras, any person can be given a very own personal and most effective Mantra. In result Eckhard Block developed the MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest), which guarantees the exact assigning of a personal Mantra, (Eckhard Block calls it Kinemantra). Out of the symbiosis of relaxation techniques from European, African, Amarican and Asian cultures, as well as on Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, and on the personal Mantra (Kinemantra) of a human being focused MPM, the most advanced meditation methode, the deep relaxation technique Kinemantra Meditation, arosed.


The Psycho-Kinesiology, developed in the USA by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., a German physician, and the AK (Applied Kinesiology) are integrated methods that deal with human being by means with psychosomatic muscle tests. Based on George Goodheart's "Kinesiology", both methods use the autonomous regulations-diagnosis. This diagnosis starts with a muscle test, the results of which tells us whether the autonomous nervous system can be regulated, or whether there is a blockade. This specific test allows the calibration and the use of the body as a bio-feedback-measuring instrument. By using the MPM (Mantrarelevant Psychosomatic Muscletest), the meditation teacher has a dialogue with the pupil’s subconscious to ask for the pupil’s personal Mantra, the Kinemantra.